Mr. Lamin Fakebba Jatta, a Gambian, founded the company in 2006

I started building small single and double grass houses for hotels and private land owners in the Gambia. Then in 2008, the demands for ecology houses in the Gambia got high and there was no builder to take up the challenge. I decided to travel to Senegal to attend an Eco building training course. Two years after finishing my training, I returned to The Gambia and started my own Eco-building company. Since then I have been building eco-houses in both The Gambia and Senegal. I built schools, conference halls and multi purpose centers, Eco-Tourist-Lodges at Tendaba, houses for private compound owners, family houses, community centers, restaurants and terraces, houses on water fronts as well as garden huts

All my eco-buildings have special features, based on the customers demand (exterior as well as interior designs). For example different types of roofing, wall panelling, toilets, doors and floors.


Mr. Lamin Jabang

A Gambian based in Switzerland, has come to be my associate when it comes to customer service, sales and marketing. Lamin is the company`s advisor and consultant. He has over 14 years of experience in his field and he takes good care of our client's needs.

Juan Herranz

Mr. Juan Herranz

Co-Founder of Virai Architects (2001) Professor of architecture internationally valued and invited by diverse universities in USA & Europe. Juan is an award winning Spanish architect. He has been Working with the Eco-Building construction Gambia for many years.

Our Services

Our strategy

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We listened to their concerns and work with them from the start to the finish. We put attention to details and to make sure that we have everything right and to meet their objectives.

What we offer

We offer our customers value for money, sustainable construction materials, an affordable eco-friendly house based on the customers request. Our ecology buildings are the best throughout The Gambia as no other building contactor can match what we do. You can find our classic eco-buildings pictures on the projects link.

How far we have come

Below are some of our buildings from 2008 – 2019 and we are still improving our designs and construction technique.

See what our clients say

All our clients are happy with the Ecobuildings they had.
- Working with the Eco-building construction team was mind settling and friendly.
- We works with the team all the way from start to finish.
- They use local materials and sustainable construction designs.
- We will therefore recommend the Eco-building Construction Company to anyone who wish to build an eco-friendly house in the Gambia.


If you have any questions

Please feel free to contact us